The Tip Jar

Heyo, I created this page in case you like my website assets and my furcadia patches, et cetera et cetera, and generally just what i do for a living and want to support me.
I don't make enough money to keep a bank account so I can't do commissions or a kofi, or anything like that.
So, my two options are 1: amazon wishlist with a private mailing address, which no. FUCK amazon.
or two: i could do it in the form of virtual gift cards.
I'm really good at figuring out how to do shit without money lol. So this is in no way a charity page or anything. it's literally just a, buy me a dinner if you like what I do. Literally buy me a coffee, and such.

You can easily just buy and send me a virtual gift card to buy me or even my chickens a meal, or help give me supplies for maintanence and repairing crap.

Recommended gifts:

Send codes to my email here.