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Petz Shrine
My Petz Family!

Petz is an old series of simulation games, where you can adopt petz and watch them play! You have to give them attention every day, and they will grow, play, eat, and have families. Here I will show my current pets, my past pets, and maybe sometimes host adoptions when my petz family has grown too big for me to manage.
I don't really know how to make my own hexed breeds, and I don't really have much of an interest to do that in the future...however you can find some links here to peoples pages, that do make them.

My Petz


Mimi was my first pet. She's a calico, and she's very sweet and friendly and loves to play.

Pouncer was my second pet. He has a bad attitude and likes to start fights with other petz. He has a soft spot for Mimi. He gets into the catnip way too much, too.



Mammon is Pouncer and Mimi's first kitten. He's the spitting image of his mother, and has the same personality.

Eggbert and Blyze are my two chickens Eggbert is a rooster, and Blyze is a hen. They are both very energetic and silly, and like to jump around chasing toys.

Eggbert and Blyze


Kazoo is Eggbert and Blyze's first chick!

Butters is Mammon's little brother. I think he got his dad's personality, because he's very...obnoxious.