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In the process of recreating my old furcadia page =P under construction!

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SO! What IS Furcadia?

Furcadia is the worlds longest running MMORPG! Up and surviving since 1996.
Furcadia is a graphical MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon.) A MUD is a "multiplayer real-time virtual world, usually text-based or storyboarded. MUDs combine elements of role-playing games, hack and slash, player versus player, interactive fiction, and online chat. Players can read or view descriptions of rooms, objects, other players, non-player characters, and actions performed in the virtual world." (taken from the MUD wiki page.)
While this is the technicaly classification of Furcadia, and Furcadia shares some elements with MUDs, (like written character descriptions, and some similar commands,) I wouldn't personally consider it one, because it's not what you'd typically expect, when going into an MUD.

While Furcadia CAN potentially involve hack and slash, player versus player, interactive fiction, et cetera, that is something you must code in yourself. Yes, you!

What makes Furcadia a special MUD, is that the player, you, create the game. You create your own maps, (or visit maps created by others,) and use Furcadia's built in scripting application (The Dragonspeak Editor) to code in the interactive elements of the map. You can also import your own personally drawn sprites, sound effects, and music!

The Storytellers Circle

A collection of the under-appreciated Furcadia Canon, and player stories in the continuity.

Furcadia Canon



My Dreams!

I usually upload a random dream each day, so if one dream URL isn't working, try a different one until you find the one online today.

This is just my house in Furcadia, it's the one you'll find most commonly uploaded. It's my main hangout, and a personal collection of my stuff. It's interactive, with a television that contains my watchlists, a computer that can visit random web 1.0 websites and pages to my favorite video games, and lots of sounds and music.
Dream URL: furc://seraphxo/

This is a dream I made to hang out and tell spooky campfire stories in! I usually go camping every year, but due to delays because of the pandemic and my dad needing knee surgery, has prevented me from going the past couple of years. I missed it, so I made this.
Areas consist of the entrance, the staff booth, the primitive camping site, and the creek.
Dream URL: furc://seraphxo:campgrounds/

This dream is The Digimon Fanclub! It's still a big WIP, but I plan on filling it with Digimon Lore stuff.
Dream URL: furc://seraphxo:thedigimonfanclub/

My Dragonspeak Scripts

my scripts usually make use of random number generators, and variables, because i like spontaneous results.

Furcadia Ikea (aka my patch downloads)

Everything finished that you can see in my dreams, you can download and use for yourself here. Just do not reupload them anywhere, or claim that you made them. Some of the items have remap layers so you can easily change the colors. If you have any patch requests, leave me a DM on furcadia @seraphXO.





This is a local avatar for my character. It's still a WIP though...


My Midis

My Characters

Seraphxo "Sera"


race: Hyooman (vampire)
digos: goaten, raukor

___ _/ /` )_ 66 Hi it's me again! You know, me, Beekin! \ ,_) `) (