What IS 'Wuxia?'

Wuxia, and Xianxia, are a Chinese genre of fiction that can be found in various types of media, like movies, TV shows, and literature.
Wuxia, meaning "martial heroes," revolves around characters who train in martial arts.
Xianxia is the more exaggerated version of this genre, with themes of magic, usually revolving around "Cultivation" which involves cultivating one's core and/or qi with the evential goal of achieving immortality.
In one form of martial arts, which is adapted from a real one, Qinggong, can be exaggerated to the point that characters can circumvent gravity and fly. (Sometimes this is depicted by the characters being able to fly on something like their sword.)
Another form of martial arts seen in this setting is Neili, the practice of cultivating an inner core and direct their "Qi."
Characters can achieve skills and supernatural abilities from years of training.
(The difference between Wuxia and Xanxia that: Xanxia being completely unachievable supernatural feats w/ magic, with Wuxia being described as somewhat believable for reality.
example: flying around on your sword? Xanxia. Performing an amazing physical feat because of years of training, like jumping really high, or exceptional sword fighting, is Wuxia.)

It's a very cool genre, and it's a good opportunity to learn about another country's culture and mythology, I think.
This page is not only just a shrine for the game the Amazing Cultivation Simulator, but the Xianxia genre in general, with the Amazing Cultivation Simulator game just being the highlighted topic of this page.
What appeals to me about Xianxia is the mystery of the magical aspect of it, and both Xianxia Wuxia will frequently, although not always, have a "political" sort of antagonist, usually being conflicts with other clans, and government, et cetera, whether this be based on an external clan, within the higher ups within the same clan, or some other sort of power-hungry antagonist that already has an established sense of control over the protagonists somehow, so wuxia/xianxia isn't always just cool fights with the villains, where the hero can simply kick their butt, and that saves the day.
These are my favorite kinds of stories, where it seems like the whole world is against them, and the protagonists have to play by their mindbending rules with no real simple solution, and still end up circumventing this and winning in the end.
Another popular trope is of course, fighting the "evil criminal underworlds" and keeping them from in general, harming the innocent. While I find this one much less interesting than political standoffs, it's a classic!

What is The Amazing Cultivation Simulator?

The Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a game that originally launched in 2019, in China, that is based around this style of fiction.
It is a management style game, where you establish your own Sect that teaches martial arts and cultivation.
Beginning with only outer disciples, you must cultivate their inner cores so that they can become Inner Disciples, and finally establish a sect.
You gather resources, craft items, construct buildings, have lots of encounters with Chinese mythology, and interact, sometimes fight with other sects and villages.
The game is very elaborate, each character having their own personalities and thoughts each day, lots of skills to achieve, a large map to explore and treasures and feats, et cetera.

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