Seraph Sanctum
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discord: demonologi#1052

Projects (formerly, the 'downloads' page)

This page is my projects page, both currently working on, unfinished, and may never work on again.
'projects' used loosely, because it may consist of both things i have made originally, or just things that i tend to greatly invest my time in sometimes.

Site Layouts

If you use my layout(and in future layouts), be sure to link back to my site with my button. I worked hard on it.

3D Spaces

the clubhouse

this is my first try experimenting with X3D worlds. i want to make it navigatable where you can also go inside the clubhouse.
i made it by making a simple scene box in blender, and by adding decorations as flat textured planes. i thought it was the most effective way to replicate a pixel game look.

Creatures ALRE Creatures

These are creatures I've created, compatible with the game Species ALRE. They have been cultivated and experimented with over time, starting with the Blank Slate. To import a creature into your copy of Species ALRE, right click the download link, click "save link as," save the .txt file to your desktop, and move it to the Species ALRE creatures folder in the game files.

Leucerm falcit
aged: 19 hours
download: link