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Here is where I review various types of media I've consumed! Games, TV shows, Movies, maybe later, more! I might switch out the content over time to give thoughts on new different media. I used to have long lists and keep the old reviews, but I think I'm going to feature only a single piece of media of each category from now on, every time I update this page, to give it a sort of front page feature! The most recent review is "Crimson Peak," underneath movies.


Plant Tycoon

Plant tycoon is a classic game, created by The Last Day of Work.
This publisher is also known for the classics Fish Tycoon, and Virtual Villagers!
It's a small game company and hasn't been very active in years, but I think the impact they made on games in my childhood was astounding.
Every game they ever created was incredibly complex for it's time, and I always find myself going back to them over the years.
This is my favorites out of all of their games, it's a plant simulator where you cross-pollinate plants, in order to recreate long-extinct varieties from a fictional tropical place called "Isola."
The pollinating system I think is incredible, along with how every plant seems to grow uniquely, with individual stems and leaves that can be trimmed in any fashion.



Movie Shelf

Ben is Back

I was watching this last night, and I finished this morning, and instantly had to go and highlight it on this page.
Ben is Back is about a recovering young drug addict. He originally became addicted to very strong addictive painkillers, when he got into some sort of accident as a teenager, and this was his gateway to addiction.
The doctor he had seen did it on purpose to make extra money, and lied to him and his family about what he was giving them, which is unfortunately a pretty common medical malpractice scenario, and generally what leads to people becoming drug addicts.
The doctor never saw repurcussions for his actions, and he ruined this poor boy and families' lives.
Ben fights very very hard to battle his addiction, which perhaps would have been easier done if he hadn't bailed on his rehab, which could have helped him to prevent acting in ways that can harm his family. But he can't run away from his previous actions, or the people he got caught up with during his worst years, and rehab can't fix the past.
Not only does he have to deal with the dangers of drug traffickers who are after him and his family because he won't do their dirty work anymore, but he has to deal with the emotional turmoil of having been responsible for getting others into their addictions by being a drug dealer himself, which lead to an overdose death of another poor girl he was very close to, and on top of this, he has to live with people left and right telling him constantly how he is the scum of the earth, that he doesn't even deserve a life at all, that he should be dead. All of this is ever exacerbating the urge to turn back to his addiction to melt his problems away with drugs, and even death would have seemed a more positive alternative.
This movie really shines light on the horrible suffering that drug addicts go through, dragged into it by false hopes, mislead intentions, and even intentional malicious malpractice in the medical industry, and the stigma that they face that prevents their recovery. While they do have the power to go to rehab and control their future behavior, they are constantly fighting against heavy costs of treatment and prejudice.
I think that everybody needs to see this. This movie sheds quite a bit of light on what families of drug addicts go through, what drug addicts themselves go through, and how people become addicts in the first place.

TV Series Shelf

Digimon Adventure

This was definitely a long time coming, to add this one. I LOOOOVE digimon! I grew up as a 'pokemon' kid, but after nintendo prices started jacking the hell up and never dropping, not even with discounts, I just couldn't afford that junk anymore, so I kind of lost interest with everything Nintendo.
I started turning to other franchises for my monster collecting content, and fell in love with everything Digimon. I miss the days where it streamed on TV, and it's kind of hard to find places that stream it, so a lot of pirating is kind of necessary to find some of the series. However at the moment, a couple of them are streaming on hulu, and sometimes you can find a DVD in stock that doesn't cost $100+.
They're kind of collectibles now, because like, it just doesn't sell anymore due to Pokemon's popularity.
However the more I learn about Digimon, the more I find that it's way cooler. Pokemon are just, in a world where those creatures are normal, and they take the place of animals or whatever, and you can train them and fight them. OK, that's cool I guess.
But, Digimon on the other hand, come from a sort of alternate universe, or dimension, or however it is, that may have been directly created by the use of Data. (Think kind of Chalk Zone, if you've ever seen that, where everything that kid drew on a chalkboard became real in another reality. That's kind of a comparison? Lol.)
Anyway, Digimon live in a digital world, and every Digimon is made up of real data that has been put out online and in the computer, and their appearance kind of takes on the kind of data they consume.
Digimoin grow and change and essentially eat up data, sometimes to inSANE amounts in the case of digimon that behave almost as malware. There are digimon that look like hamburgers, from consuming the data of things like fast food menus, or digimon that look soft and cute from consuming data about dogs and cats,
and then there's the "trash"mon (my favorites) that are made up of "scrap" data thrown into a recycling bin. They're made up of so many different kinds of "scrap" data that they don't really take a real shape, and end up looking rather...nasty like.
In this house...we love the scrap data trashmon.
Anyway, now you get the idea of what Digimon actually are, let's talk about this specific series itself.
Digimon Adventure (and a lot of derivatives, sequels of this series) follow a series of kids, Matt, T.K., Mimi, Izzy, Joe, and Tai, (and later, Kari, Tai's sister.)
They're among the first to have ever entered the digital world. They get transported to this strange world of Digimon, and try to find their way back home.
They later find out that they're the "digi-destined," sent there to stop evil digimon from wreaking havoc on both the digital and real world.
You get to meet a lot of really cool digimon along the way, and see some character development with the kids.
I think it's a really enjoyable series for the whole family. I don't find it rather exceptional as a series, but it of course was designed for kids, my obsession lies rather more in the games, but I do enjoy getting to see all of my favorite digimon animated.

I also have a digimon fan blog, which you can see here, where I gif the various series and games.

episodes watched: 15

The X-Files

The truth...Is out there! As one of the longest-running, oldest sci-fi dramas in TV HISTORY, it's a must watch, as it's for a good reason. Scully's watson to Mulder's holmes in his fanatic adventures obsessing over and exploring the paranormal, unexplained cases stored in the "x-files" with the intention of never seeing the light of day, until he gets his hands on them. Aliens, ghosts, alternative dimensions, how much of it is real or fabricated? How much of it is just the government covering up their own actions? Will we ever know? Watch it to probably not find out!

episodes watched: 3


Lucifer is a self-explanatory TV drama following the devil himself...I enjoy this TV drama a lot. I love the antics of Lucifer, the romance between him and Chloe Decker, and the family issues when it comes to weird, angel stuff. LOL.
I'm in the process of rewatching this series in order to give it a proper summary and review. But for right now, this is what I'm putting. + 1 for Lucifer's eyeliner.


episodes watched: 20

Kotaru Lives Alone

(no dvd)

My first impression is that it has a very nostalgic anime style! it reminds me of early 2000s anime.
This anime is about a 4 year old boy that for one reason or another, does not seem to have his parents anymore, probably due to them passing away. He somehow gets away with renting an apartment by himself, probably due to the fact that the neighborhood doesn't seem to pay much attention and doesn't seem to realize this kid is actually literally living by himself with no parents.
His apartment neighbors realize it though, and end up helping raise this kid together. In fact, the entire neighborhood contributes to some extent, helping him do tasks like teaching him how to make bentos. It's very cute. I liked the part where all of his neighbors showed up to his kindergarten ceremony together claiming to be his mom and dads.


episodes watched: 2