this is where i will review...stuff! need a way to spend your cash on yourself? here's some stuff i own to tell you a little about it.

due to a recent update that made realms of magic unplayable for me, it has been removed.
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tv shows


Digimon Cyber Sleuth

I loved the Digimon animes as a kid! unfortunately they don't air on tv anymore...and I never really got into the games because they were big console games and I could never afford one. BUT now, with more recent games, some of them are playable on multiple platforms! One of them being Digimon Cyber Sleuth.
I've been playing through it and oh my god, I LOVE it. Pokemon is dead to me now. Digimon > Pokemon any day.
I just think, the concept of digital monsters living in a virtual network made up of and consuming data is SO COOL!
and they evolve depending on what kind of data they consume!
They're like living malware!
Ugh. I just think it's so cool.
And the way the internet works in cyber sleuth with 3D virtual spaces at each URL, browsing the web in virtual reality, it's just...Muah.
There are so many digimon to choose from and the leveling system fucking rules. You can devolve and re-evolve and retrain digimon however you like.
Also, the storyline is captivating to me so far. I haven't played through both...But I'm doing the hacker one right now.
Not to mention, it runs BEAUTIFULLY on my PC. It's just, gorgeously optimized. You don't see that a lot these days. A game that looks crisp and runs smooth as fuck. YES please.

You can get Digimon Cyber Sleuth here.


I grew up playing this game. It was probably the first pc game I ever played of my own accord that my mom let me download. I didn't really buy games as a kid, so what I played was usually on one of my moms accounts. (for example, see FATE.)
I played furcadia when I was, I THINK, in gradeschool, making it actually one of my first personal games, if not the first ever.
I lOOOVED it. I played it nonstop. I'd come home from school and get on Furcadia, first thing.
Furcadia is an online MMORPG, where you can use your own drawings and coding to create your own interactive worlds with others.
Kind of a genre of online game that has sadly died out, for various reasons.
Usually due to people not continously releasing games like this, and the creators of the originals losing care over their own game.
Furcadia has started to head in the same direction of dying out. However, I recently rejoined to hang out on there again.
It's lost none of it's appeal to me over the years, and I've fallen in love with it all over again.
There is expansive canon lore on Furcadia that has developed over the years, from the gods known as the Primes, humans navigating to the dream worlds from the real world, to the Dragonlands.
It's a great game to chill in, socialize, roleplay, and just test your skills to program your own dreams and draw your own patches.
Furcadia is what initially taught me a lot about game design and how to code.

You can play Furcadia for FREE, here.


Hylics is an RPG maker game made by Mason Lindroth. It's an abstract game using graphics made out of what appears to be clay,
with bizarre environments and randomly generated dialogue from NPCs.
It has some meaning to it, while some of it also just seems to be complete nonsense.
I LOVE this game.
Follow Wayne, Dedusmuln, Somsnosa, and Pomgorna on their adventure to the moon! And do...Other some things, whatever they really are.
My favorite character is Dedusmuln.

Hylics was originally on, but now you can get it here on steam!


if you scroll to Terraria, you'll read that it was the first game i ever bought on steam.
well, this one was the second.
i got starbound back when it was still deep into development, and i watched its development progress over the years.
i played it a lot with a past best friend.
i dont really play it a lot anymore because you know, playing a game constantly for like, five straight years kind of drags it out of you.
for me it's gone and past, and i have other things i want to experience.
really though, starbound is great.
it's a sidescrolling crafting sim that takes place in space, with great bosses, lots of items to discover, multiple races to choose from, etc etc.
it's pretty standard, i think.
there's just something really like, special about it, though.
its a lot of fun to play with friends, and fun to explore all the planets on your own.
if i remember correctly, starbound didnt even use an already existing engine, it was build entirely from scratch.
it is truely unique, and it reflects that.
i am a bit salty with the developers though because after years of playing it, the 2016 update introduced a bug that broke it for my computer, im not sure what it conflicted with, but it went from running fine to crashing with an error every single time on launch immediately.
i ended up getting a job paying less than minimum wage and it took me almost six months to save up and buy a newer PC with different components that starbound would run on.
im not sure if they ever fixed it, but if they did it took more than a year.
a ton of other people encountered the same bug, and the developers ignored all complaints.
I've also heard that they've practically stolen or used artists work uncredited, so the developers are not great people.
it is a great game, though. something amazing that came from shitty people. i dont have it in my heart to give it a poor rating because of the developers out of my love for this game, but it is up to you to support the company by buying it or not.

get the game here


terraria is THE first game i've ever owned on steam.
this is the game i made a steam account for.
i dont remember how old i was when i first played terraria, but i remember that i found it, and i showed it to my brother, so hed talk my mom into getting it for us lol.
we shared that steam account for a few years playing it, but he eventually used it as his own account, so i had to make my own.
i think this was back in 2014? that i made my own first steam account to buy it on.
anyway, it's been one of my all time favorite games ever since.
terraria is a massively expansive sandbox building and crafting sidescroller game. people like to call it "flat minecraft" or whatever, but terraria has way more features, items, bosses, and gameplay than minecraft ever had.
minecraft imo cant even come close lol.
and most of the people who called it flat minecraft before who play it for the first time end up agreeing.
there are soooo many items its insane, you're never going to discover all of them.
theres also a ton of bosses, and half of the content of the game you dont even unlock until youve beaten the final boss of softcore mode.
upon defeating the wall of flesh is when hardcore mode starts.
and all while you are building and fighting bosses, there is a disease (either the corruption/the crimson depending on your world) that spreads across the land and infects it, and the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat all of the bosses and purify your world of this blight.

you can get the game here.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark

So, I got this game on sale last month and played through all of it in I think? a single day, if not just a day and a half and beat it.
I LOVED all of the individual ghost stories, the characters, the whole storyline, the boss animations were SCARY and amazing!
However I do have complaints about the full price of the game. It costs like fifty dollars. Considering I just got a bit over a day of play time out of it,
and since it is a visual novel that's playability exclusively just the storyline, there is not replayable value to the game other than to experience the story again once every now and then.
It's too short of a game for me to appreciate it at full value, which is why I only bought this game while it was almost completely marked down, and I would never buy another game in the series unless it was under the same conditions.
It's a good game. It's not a fifty dollar game.
I would pay a maximum of like, thirty dollars for this full value.
I understand that games are priced differently in Japan when it comes to visual novels, but considering that it doesn't even have a fraction of the playability of games w/ the same value here, I will not be buying any more games in this series unless under special conditions,
and I can't say I would personally recommend you also pay fifty dollars for this. You will probably be disappointed.

Regardless, you can get the game here.

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

i first found species ALRE from watching markiplier play it!
i love these sorts of sciency evolution games, like niche and spore, i love watching the process of evolution.
and this, this is the most realistic evolution simulator i've found as of yet.
there are so many small details that try to make your creatures evolve as uniquely as possible to help them survive. it's amazing!

you can buy and play it here.

Call of Cthulhu

Call of cthulhu is a lovecraftian horror style game, it's concept based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" and TTRPG by the same name.
It was released in 2018, optimized BEAUTIFULLY for less powerful computers.
It has a very nostalgic feel to it, while still being up with the modern era of video games.
I am not a fan of horror games that involve monster chase scenes, and this game doesn't really rely on those for scares, like the Amnesia series does.
I have yet to completely finish the game, but I already highly recommend playing it!
It's story is worth experiencing at least once.

You can get it on steam, here.

Pokemon: FireRed/LeafGreen

pokemon firered (or it's green counterpart) is the gameboy advance release of the original pokemon games, now in full color!
explore the region of kanto, defeat gym leaders for gym badges, fight off Team Rocket, and catch em all.
it's a classic pokemon game necessary for every pokemon collection.

you can get the game here.

Fate: The Cursed King

back when i was in middle school and really started to get into playing the pc for the first time, my mom had a membership to a service called wildtangent games. at least, i think thats what it was.
and with her membership, i got to pick out a game i liked, so i could play it!
the one i picked was called FATE.
that's not this game, but it's the prequel to it!
anyways i LOVED FATE, it was like, my favorite rpg ever, i guess because it was the first.
it's kind of like a dungeon crawler series.
anyways id heard they came out with some sequels, and in this newer one, theres MULTIPLE different worlds you can crawl the dungeons of instead of just one in the middle of town!
there's so many more new monsters and a couple new races too that have their own class bonuses!
and you can have hirelings!

i would give it a 10/10, but theres a map bug it has for a lot of resolutions that started after windows 10 came out because the game is uncompatible on the new operating system.
its easy to fix though.
when you're using a resolution the map doesn't like, it displays the game in the map mini window for some reason...
to fix it, you just go into the options and change it to a resolution it doesn't glitch with. it might take a couple tries to find it but once you do, it'll continue working. you can get it here on steam!

Slime Rancher

Slime rancher is a cute ranching game where you raise and feed slimes on an alien planet, and collect their "plorts" to sell in exchange for money.
it has a vast world to explore and a decent amount of slimes to discover and things to unlock and upgrade.
it's a good game, but personally i think it becomes tedious after a little while.

you can get it here


If you like rythm games and if you like anime, this is the game for you.
Osu is a competitive rythm game featuring different modes (of which only the original I've played so far)
Where you click circles to the beat of music.
Since this game is open source, users can create their own beatmaps resulting in a MASSIVE library of music to play.
The community also hosts competitions and tournaments, with some celebrities that have some seriously unbelievable skill.
you can get it here

Saints Row the Third

this may be the only saints row game ive played LOL...but with nothing else to compare it to...its the best one!
im just kidding. but it's a pretty good game, i have a lot of fond memories of it.
when my brother got his xbox, i played this while he wasn't playing it, and i loved it.
i loved making hideous characters with all the different customization options, and the storyline is really fun.

i originally played it on xbox, but got it on sale for like three bucks a couple years ago so i could play it again. you can get it here on steam!

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

toejam and earl is a game series from the early 90s. it went on a super long hiatus in the early 2000s, but a sequel was brought back by it's fanbase.
i've played through it a little bit, it's pretty fun.
you're aliens that crash landed on earth, you have to climb levels, evade earthlings, and use presents you find to help you out.
i like playing as latisha, she's my favorite.

you can buy and play it here.

Idk what this game is, but I have zero patience or care for it. I was really excited to download it because it looked cute, but the cuteness wore off after about half an hour when it passed and I still had not found a single thing to do. I ended up spending two hours in this game just wandering around and finding nothing. Supposedly there are quests, but they are all locked and hidden and I found no quest NPCs, and there are no map markers for quests or any indication of where to go. There is also a minute+ loading screen that occurs every time you travel to a different room, so I have to wait several minutes just to enter and leave a shop. You only can choose between two animals, while all of the other animals seem only accessible in a special store that I assume you use real cash for the currency. This game just seems a lot like a money bank to leech off of kids so they can collect the cutesy animals. It's still a wip so maybe I'll come back later and check what else it has done, but as it is, I don't want to play it. It gets at least two stars for looking cute.

You can play here.


Finding Nemo

sorry this is just an immediate 10/10. of course it is, it's finding nemo. one of the best pixar movies in history. come on.
ive seen this movie like two dozen times, and when i was younger, my family briefly had a ps2 (until my brother threw up on it and broke it.)
and we even had the ps2 game for this movie, i played it ALL the time.

you can get the dvd here.


blackkklansman is not in the list of my top favorite movies of like, all time, but it is definitely up there in my honorable mentions.
ive seen it numerous times at this point, and enjoy it enough to watch it whenever it's on or available.
it's a decent movie.
it's also very significant in that it is based off of a real person, Ron Stallworth, who worked as a police officer and infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan back in the 70s.
it also has an amazing soundtrack with a memorable theme, and at the end of the movie, plays a memorial to the black lives matter protests that have happened throughout the few years, most particularly in 2017, when a white supremacist drove into a crowd and killed a woman.
it feels like just yesterday when charlottesville happened, and there were white supremacists marching with torches and chanting "white lives matter."
this has been going on for years now.
although it's probably been going on forever, they've just been emboldened by trump to be unmasked since he took power.
anyway, blackkklansman is a pretty good movie, i think, and it's reminder at the end is very important, so that we don't forget what black people were and continue to fight for in a broken country.
we have a very long way to go.

you can get a copy of the movie on dvd here

All Dogs go to Heaven

i used to watch this movie a lot when i was little. i think i even had it on vhs, before our house burned down.
it was one of my favorite tapes (other than like, bambi lol.)
all dogs go to heaven is a classic. :')

you can get it and the sequel on dvd here

War of the Worlds

this movie is an AWESOME alien movie.
i love movies about aliens, they're cool af. i think that the giant tripod war machines are also SUPER FUCKING COOL.
there's a lot of really cool scenes that stand out too, like the plane crash, the river with all the dead bodies, and the flaming train.
i think the movie kind of goes out with a whimper, with a lame and abrupt ending.

you can get the dvd here

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is based off of the book of the same name. I heard that the book actually didn't do that well ratings wise...And I haven't read it myself, but I have to say I did enjoy the movie quite a lot!
I thought it was cute. It may not have been exceptional, but I enjoyed the storyline, the virtual reality system, and the various pop culture references.
I would, and have watched it multiple times for fun.

You can get ready player one on dvd here.

Boss Baby

What IS it about this movie that's so unnerving.
The exaggerated facial expressions of a baby with a grown man's voice.
Just the bizarre gags that come out of nowhere, never knowing what's going to happen next.
The fact that cute puppies are going to destroy the "baby corporation" which is a thing.
I don't know, it's just ridiculous to the point of being funny. And tbh, it does have some touching moments in the movie that were very cute.
I enjoy this movie. I wouldn't like, WILLINGLY turn it on? But if I happened to stumble onto it,
I would watch it again.

you can get a dvd copy of Boss Baby here

Isle of Dogs

isle of dogs is about a fictional city thats obviously inspired by japan, that is inflicted by a new dog flu that has potential of jumping over humans.
instead of fighting for a cure, they exile all dogs in the city to an island called trash island, where they live wild and are riddled with the disease.
its an okay movie, i enjoyed it, but im not sure why they decided to place it in japan, when it was produced by the united states and germany, and the movie plot itself has nothing in particular to do with japan.

you can get a dvd copy of Isle of Dogs here

Kiss of Death

kiss of death is a film noir movie abt a man named nick who is an ex-convict and criminal! he squeals on his teammates to the cops in exchange for a normal life, but one of them gets off scot free with a good lawyer and goes after nick and his family.

you can buy and watch it here

Scooby Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur

i was talking about scooby doo with evan a bit ago, and thought i'd like, idk record something of it because i was craving some scooby doo.
so, i ended up watching the next thing relevant that came on, which was Legend of the Phantosaur on boomerang.
it's a newer scooby doo movie i think, and was kind of lacking the sort of pizazz of the classics, but the background art was AMAZING and there were lots of cute jokes and stuff.

you can get the dvd and watch it here! here

The Secret Life Of Pets

you know, i wasn't really too impressed with this movie.
i think it's a great idea for a movie, but where they went with that concept was disappointing to me.
the secret life of pets is about the secret lives of our pets while we are at work or school or just, off doing stuff away from home.
the movie is about a dog who's owner gets a new dog, he doesn't like the new dog and they fight, their fighting leads to them being separated from their dogwalker, they run into pets who hate humans and have to fight them off and get back home.
there is nothing particularly remarkable about the story, and i didn't really have a close connection with any of these characters.
the movie was cute, but like, it's kind of shallow. i wouldn't pick it out of a lineup on tv to watch if something else was on. it's more of those you watch it once, and never really feel like watching it again movies. its worth at least watching that first time, though.

you can get the movie on dvd to watch it here.


unfriended is about a girl who committed suicide getting revenge on her friends behind it.
it was ok i guess, kind of lame.
but yeah, it was ok.

you can get the dvd here

tv shows

The Owl House

I binged this ENTIRE SHOW in like three days. Which I guess isn't that impressive, because there's only one season at the time of me watching this, but still, binging an entire season is unusual for me. So, needless to say, it's GOOD.
I never really got into the owl house because the art style just, was not that interesting to me.
I didn't really feel like watching it.
But, I saw an old friend from highschool on twitter who liked it, so I decided to record it on TV, so I could sit and watch through all of it.
And boy, did I watch ALL of it.
I love the characters. I love Luz, I love the magic, I love the lore, I love the nostalgia of a child falling into a magical world she knows nothing about.
There may not be anything in particular that makes the look of this show stand out, and the trope is a classic, but the story is wonderful and hits everywhere it counts.
If you've put off this show because it didn't look particularly interesting to you, you're wrong. Give it a shot, you'll enjoy it.

You can watch the Owl House on the disney channel.


futurama is hands down one of the best shows ever. i've watched it since i was a kid, and have seen the whole thing like, a million's one of my comfort shows, i play it in the background, i watch it when i'm stressed, i fall asleep with it on.
futurama is seriously like one of the best tv shows ever. if you haven't already seen it, what are you doing?

you can get the complete dvd set of futurama at best buy... for a hefty price. but it's also available to stream online.

The Midnight Gospel

the midnight gospel is a show that takes elements from a podcast, animated by the animator of adventure time. the midnight gospel is an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL show.
it's maybe one of my favorite tv shows of all times.
it revolves around this dude named Clancy, and his spacecast. he livestreams his spacecast while he travels through different dimensional planes through his dimensional simulator...thing, and he interviews the citizens of these different worlds.

you can watch the midnight gospel on netflix.


a psychologist working with a priest in training and a skeptic.
her job is to determine whether horrible crimes are an act of horrible morals or stemming from mental illness, and to debunk supernatural sources.
the priests job is to determine whether the evil in the world is some sort of supernatural influence, struggling to determine if the job is for the church to handle.
at first, it went as you'd expect... the psychological evaluations were very straightforward and clearly a result of unfortunate natural occurances, like untreated mental illness to give people the help they truly need.
but then things start happening that she cannot quite explain.

you can watch the Evil here on netflix.

Mo Dao Zu Shi

the heart breaking story of feuding clans of spiritual energy controlling cultivators.
Cultivators use their spiritual power to fight evil, however one clan, the sun clan, uses their power to try to dominate the country and the other clans.
Mo Dao Zu Shi follows the past story of a young orphaned man who has been adopted into one of the clans due to his father being the right hand man of a clan's leader, and he is raised as the brother of the clan leaders son.
He trains to become a cultivator, but experiments with the dark side of spiritual energy by trying to control demonic energy.
He befriends a member of another clan while in training, and they have their first conflict with the sun clan as it rises in power.
In the beginning this anime is lighthearted while you get to watch the shenanigans of this trouble making kid in as he trains,
and then watch him and the other clans fight to defeat the imperialistic sun clan from destroying the clans and killing thousands of people, including his entire family.
We already know the main character dies as the series actually starts with his spirit being summoned back to the present, while the cultivators are attacked by the mysterious
dark spirit of a demon's arm.
The back and forth was kind of confusing to me at first,
but trust me, the anime's pretty good!

King of the Hill

king of the hill is a classic down to earth animated family sitcom.
this is a popular cartoon style for it's time period, but the one that makes king of the hill stand out is that it's cast of characters are a bit more relatable. they're not upper middle class living in fancy suburbs with a high paying job, they're just a family of rednecks in texas, with a house wife and a husband that works at a humble propane job.
it's skits are pretty funny i think.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

adventures of the gummi bears comes from that era where practically EVERY product had it's own childrens cartoon, so that kids would get hyped on it and pester their parents into buying it for them.
although, the animation is really nostalgic, so if you're into that, it's pretty cute.
which, i kind of am lol.
this show takes place in a medieval setting for whatever reason?? gummi bears with knights in stuff? yeah i don't know either.

you can get a dvd of seasons 1-3 here.

13 Reasons Why

i LOVED 13 reasons why, until they dragged a random new narrator into season 3 and started humanizing and victimizing a rapist.


Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

yooo this is my first distortion pedal. and still my only one as of writing this lol, because im broke.
this is probably one of the cheapest pedals out on the market, so its great for beginners or hobbyists or just're poor lol.
it has a pretty good sound i think, not professional like bam u plug it in and ur gonna sound like a soloist lol.
i think it has a great combo with power slinky strings though. i found mine for 25 bucks, but price may vary at your local stores.

find out where to buy your own here.

Stainless Steel Straw from Serenity Straws

i didn't order this because of like, zero waste stuff hahahha. plastic straws are but a tiny fraction of waste.
i got it because well, i like drinking with straws and was sick of buying them LOL.
thought it was cheaper to just get a re-usable one, so i got a clearance straw from Serenity Straws.
i asked for a curved one and she gave me the wrong one, but it's possible she ran out and they were on clearance after all.
the only difference was mine isnt a bent straw, it's the right length and everything.
the thing was basically duct taped in a two layer bubble wrapped package, over this little six inch straw! LOL. it was NOT going anywhere.
level 100 security for a straw.

you can support her and get your own re-usable straw here.