this is where i will review...stuff! need a way to spend your cash on yourself? here's some stuff i own to tell you a little about it.

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Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

i first found species ALRE from watching markiplier play it!
i love these sorts of sciency evolution games, like niche and spore, i love watching the process of evolution.
and this, this is the most realistic evolution simulator i've found as of yet.
there are so many small details that try to make your creatures evolve as uniquely as possible to help them survive. it's amazing!

you can buy and play it here.

The Binding of Isaac

the binding of isaac is a game about a little kid named isaac! and his mom is a devouted believer in god, and hears the voice of a higher being that tells her to mistreat him and eventually sacrifice him to prove her belief because isaac is evil or something.
so, isaac flees to the basement, where he faces a series of creepy foes and bosses that look like distorted versions of himself.
it's a roguelike where you collect items to improve your skills and gameplay and get better at the game, with hundreds of unlockables!
it's super fun.

you can buy and play it here.

Pokemon: FireRed/LeafGreen

pokemon firered (or it's green counterpart) is the gameboy advance release of the original pokemon games, now in full color!
explore the region of kanto, defeat gym leaders for gym badges, fight off Team Rocket, and catch em all.
it's a classic pokemon game necessary for every pokemon collection.

due to it's iffy circulation as it is no longer produced, i can not link a sure way to purchase a cartridge, but you can probably find a copy at a local retro game store, or find a rom online.

Fate: The Cursed King

back when i was in middle school and really started to get into playing the pc for the first time, my mom had a membership to a service called wildtangent games. at least, i think thats what it was.
and with her membership, i got to pick out a game i liked, so i could play it!
the one i picked was called FATE.
that's not this game, but it's the prequel to it!
anyways i LOVED FATE, it was like, my favorite rpg ever, i guess because it was the first.
it's kind of like a dungeon crawler series.
anyways id heard they came out with some sequels, and in this newer one, theres MULTIPLE different worlds you can crawl the dungeons of instead of just one in the middle of town!
there's so many more new monsters and a couple new races too that have their own class bonuses!
and you can have hirelings!

i would give it a 10/10, but theres a map bug it has for a lot of resolutions that started after windows 10 came out because the game is uncompatible on the new operating system.
its easy to fix though.
when you're using a resolution the map doesn't like, it displays the game in the map mini window for some reason...
to fix it, you just go into the options and change it to a resolution it doesn't glitch with. it might take a couple tries to find it but once you do, it'll continue working. you can get it here on steam!

Saints Row the Third

this may be the only saints row game ive played LOL...but with nothing else to compare it to...its the best one!
im just kidding. but it's a pretty good game, i have a lot of fond memories of it.
when my brother got his xbox, i played this while he wasn't playing it, and i loved it.
i loved making hideous characters with all the different customization options, and the storyline is really fun.

i originally played it on xbox, but got it on sale for like three bucks a couple years ago so i could play it again. you can get it here on steam!

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove

toejam and earl is a game series from the early 90s. it went on a super long hiatus in the early 2000s, but a sequel was brought back by it's fanbase.
i've played through it a little bit, it's pretty fun.
you're aliens that crash landed on earth, you have to climb levels, evade earthlings, and use presents you find to help you out.
i like playing as latisha, she's my favorite.

you can buy and play it here.

tv shows


a psychologist working with a priest in training and a skeptic.
her job is to determine whether horrible crimes are an act of horrible morals or stemming from mental illness, and to debunk supernatural sources.
the priests job is to determine whether the evil in the world is some sort of supernatural influence, struggling to determine if the job is for the church to handle.
at first, it went as you'd expect... the psychological evaluations were very straightforward and clearly a result of unfortunate natural occurances, like untreated mental illness to give people the help they truly need.
but then things start happening that she cannot quite explain.

you can watch the Evil here on netflix.

The Midnight Gospel

the midnight gospel is a show that takes elements from a podcast, animated by the animator of adventure time. the midnight gospel is an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL show.
it's maybe one of my favorite tv shows of all times.
it revolves around this dude named Clancy, and his spacecast. he livestreams his spacecast while he travels through different dimensional planes through his dimensional simulator...thing, and he interviews the citizens of these different worlds.

you can watch the midnight gospel on netflix.

The Simpsons

when i was in highschool, my favorite teacher (my film studies teacher, and my theater director who directed when i was doing theater stuff,) he was OBSESSED with the simpsons.
so, it always had a special place in my heart, because it was the favorite show of my favorite teacher. i'm actually not that big of the fan of the show itself,
it's kind of bland to me.
but, i love the treehouse of horror episodes, and one of the first games i ever played was the simpsons hit and run, and its STILL my favorite game ever, i wish i still had it.

you can pick up some dvd box sets and watch it here or catch it on disney+ or airing on Fox.

101 Dalmatian Street

101 dalmatian street is a spinoff of 101 dalmatians. it originally aired on the disney channel in the UK in 2019, but became available on disney+.
its animation style is cute, smooth, and spunky,
but its just another typical cute children's cartoon with nothing particularly exceptional about it.
a great cartoon for kids.
it was never officially released in the United States, despite its initial popularity in the UK.

you can watch 101 dalmation street here on disney+, or reruns on the disney channel if you're in the UK.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

adventures of the gummi bears comes from that era where practically EVERY product had it's own childrens cartoon, so that kids would get hyped on it and pester their parents into buying it for them.
although, the animation is really nostalgic, so if you're into that, it's pretty cute.
which, i kind of am lol.
this show takes place in a medieval setting for whatever reason?? gummi bears with knights in stuff? yeah i don't know either.

you can get a dvd of seasons 1-3 here.

13 Reasons Why

i LOVED 13 reasons why, until they dragged a random new narrator into season 3 and started humanizing and victimizing a rapist.


Finding Nemo

sorry this is just an immediate 10/10. of course it is, it's finding nemo. one of the best pixar movies in history. come on.
ive seen this movie like two dozen times, and when i was younger, my family briefly had a ps2 (until my brother threw up on it and broke it.)
and we even had the ps2 game for this movie, i played it ALL the time.

you can get the dvd here.


I just now got the chance to watch Soul, which is about a Jazz musician who dies and goes to the afterlife.
he tries to cheat death blah blah, i can't say a lot without spoiling it.
but it's a really nice movie that makes you appreciate the small moments in life.
it tells you that you don't need a purpose to be alive...all you need to be is to be here.
it's a message i really needed.

you can watch it here on disney+.

If Anything Happens I Love You

if anything happens i love you.
that was the last text a couples daughter ever sent them, after being sent to school one day.
this movie shows the despair that follows a family after losing a child to a school shooting, sending their kid to a place they are supposed to be safe.
she played soccer, she loved music, she loved traveling, and she had two parents who loved her very much.
they sent her to school expecting her to come home safe and sound, because that is the responsibility of our country to provide, but that isn't what happened.
the stark colors of the american flag in the colorless background standing out prominently above the school entrance is a symbol of how our country has failed the lives of children countless times over and over again.

you can watch it here on netflix.

All Dogs go to Heaven

i used to watch this movie a lot when i was little. i think i even had it on vhs, before our house burned down.
it was one of my favorite tapes (other than like, bambi lol.)
all dogs go to heaven is a classic. :')

you can get it and the sequel on dvd here

Death to 2020

death to 2020 is a mockumentary about the year of 2020... i mean it's a joke but all the shit in it actually happened, it seems insane. i mean, you know that you were there. we remember all of it. i watched it on new years eve with my mom and wow, don't know whether to laugh or cry...
i hope some day next year we can get past this pandemic and the damage done by this administration and start to salvage this country, i could do with less stress.
you can watch it here on netflix.


klaus is idk...a christmas movie abt a rich snobby guy sent off to the middle of nowhere to be a postman. he makes friends with a woodsman, origin story of santa claus, blah blah. it was cute.

you can watch it here on netflix.

War of the Worlds

this movie is an AWESOME alien movie.
i love movies about aliens, they're cool af. i think that the giant tripod war machines are also SUPER FUCKING COOL.
there's a lot of really cool scenes that stand out too, like the plane crash, the river with all the dead bodies, and the flaming train.
i think the movie kind of goes out with a whimper, with a lame and abrupt ending.

you can get the dvd here

Kiss of Death

kiss of death is a film noir movie abt a man named nick who is an ex-convict and criminal! he squeals on his teammates to the cops in exchange for a normal life, but one of them gets off scot free with a good lawyer and goes after nick and his family.

you can buy and watch it here

Scooby Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur

i was talking about scooby doo with evan a bit ago, and thought i'd like, idk record something of it because i was craving some scooby doo.
so, i ended up watching the next thing relevant that came on, which was Legend of the Phantosaur on boomerang.
it's a newer scooby doo movie i think, and was kind of lacking the sort of pizazz of the classics, but the background art was AMAZING and there were lots of cute jokes and stuff.

you can get the dvd and watch it here! here


unfriended is about a girl who committed suicide getting revenge on her friends behind it.
it was ok i guess, kind of lame.
but yeah, it was ok.

you can watch it here on netflix


Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

yooo this is my first distortion pedal. and still my only one as of writing this lol, because im broke.
this is probably one of the cheapest pedals out on the market, so its great for beginners or hobbyists or just're poor lol.
it has a pretty good sound i think, not professional like bam u plug it in and ur gonna sound like a soloist lol.
i think it has a great combo with power slinky strings though. i found mine for 25 bucks, but price may vary at your local stores.

find out where to buy your own here.

Stainless Steel Straw from Serenity Straws

i didn't order this because of like, zero waste stuff hahahha. plastic straws are but a tiny fraction of waste.
i got it because well, i like drinking with straws and was sick of buying them LOL.
thought it was cheaper to just get a re-usable one, so i got a clearance straw from Serenity Straws.
i asked for a curved one and she gave me the wrong one, but it's possible she ran out and they were on clearance after all.
the only difference was mine isnt a bent straw, it's the right length and everything.
the thing was basically duct taped in a two layer bubble wrapped package, over this little six inch straw! LOL. it was NOT going anywhere.
level 100 security for a straw.

you can support her and get your own re-usable straw here.