Xreyvet's Journal

  • I found Randall training in the training yard outside of the school. He tells me to visit a hidden battle arena located inside the local dungeon...And he tells me to speak to the battle manager. Why is there a battle arena in a dungeon? Randall also asks me to look for a friend of his that has gone missing, unrelated to the medal lol. I'll do that later.
  • I found a medal that a fomor had dropped, and spoke to the priest in bangor about it...He thought it was odd that a fomor dropped it, because he told me that it was a medal that only priests wore. I went to another priest to ask her about it, but she started acting strange and took off, so I went to the priest in Tir Chonaill instead... He says that the weight and metal of it are different than the ones given to priests by the Pontiff's Court? And there's fomorian script on the back... It seems like it's not an ordinary priest medal after all. The priest points me to someone named Randall, a teacher at the local school, who he says can somehow help me?
  • I found a girl in the town of Dunbarton named Cindy, she was overworked and asking for help to finish designing sewing patterns, so I helped her.

mabinogi is a game i've played since i was in highschool, introduced to me by a former best friend. i've spent many years in this game, to escape the harsh realities of my own life when i was in especially dark places. it's vast storylines, intricate characters and lore, it's unique talent and skill system with level being no relevancy to your strength and skills, it entranced me.

Mabi has an isekai sort of storyline, where you are a Milletian, pulled from another world by the "Soul Stream."
You were brought to this world to save it!
The land of Erinn is under constant threat of the Fomors, and you must uncover Erinn's history and the truth of who the fomors really are.