Xreyvet is my milletian. She currently only has a few achivements under her belt, and is just beginning her story in Generation 1.

mabinogi is a game i've played since i was in highschool, introduced to me by a former best friend. i've spent many years in this game, to escape the harsh realities of my own life when i was in especially dark places. it's vast storylines, intricate characters and lore, it's unique talent and skill system with level being no relevancy to your strength and skills, it entranced me.

You are called to the world of Erinn...By the voice of a woman calling for your help in your dreams. Thrown into this entirely new world knowing nothing and confused, you have to learn how to navigate the towns, learn about the monsters, and discover that there has been a war going on long before you ever even got here.
There is a lot of history and lore to Erinn, about gods and goddesses who operate of their own ideals, which may be good or harmful to the world's inhabitants.
After many adventures you go to rescue the goddess who called for your help, who was trapped by a dark god named Cichol who incites and perpetuates war between the "evil fomors" and the people of Erinn.
But it turns out that the world of Erinn is not all that it seems...
The dark world of the fomors was the original Erinn, and the place that you all live now turns out not to be "Erinn" after all, but a copy created by the goddess to lock the humans and fomors apart from eachother to end the war. The fomors are locked away in the old world by seals on the dungeon, which are now deteriorating and leaking evil through.
Even more complicated, it seems not all fomors are evil after all and the lines of good and evil become somewhat muddied.

Mabinogi kind of has a bittersweet place in my heart because I spent a lot of time with a lot of close friends who have long forgotten about me and haven't logged on in years. I made the mistake of giving up all of my time to other people that didn't care about me as much as I thought they did.
The game reminds me of them but I'm still attached to it, and I still briefly play it sometimes.
The graphic on my landing page is actually from this game, she is the Goddess of War, Morrighan.