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I'm sure you have come a long way.
My name's Logan, and I am the webmaster of this site.
This site is my personal webpage where I collect everything that is mine, and important to me.
To your left in the navigation you can find the About page to learn more about me, the Links page for a hoard of links out, my Reviews page to share my thoughts on items I've purchased, games I've played, and movies I've watched, my Shrines page that contains the pages of things I hold dear to my heart, the Download page for a list of things made just for you to use, my Blog where I talk and post about my life, and the Art page, where I share my scribbles.
I am also an environmentalist, so I will occasionally share things on that topic.

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Hey! Dropping in to do an update on the main part of the site. I am not inactive, I just spend most of my time on my blog because it's more accessible to me when I am busy.
Thank you for 30k+ visitors!
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