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Hey what's up, welcome to my personal web page. I've actually been into the decentralized web for several years, although I'm a bit too young to have been a part of it before social media.

I hate facebook, I hate microblogging, and I love sharing personalized spaces I've created for myself... This site and everything on it was made by me, for me.

Whether people ever saw it or not, never really mattered to me. But I'm glad that it seems to appeal to a lot of people. I just want to say thank you for the positive feedback I've recieved, and I'm really proud of you for everything you've all shared in return.

There's so many personal web pages to explore in this community, it's crazy. I've found new bands, new games, new shows, new books to watch, new youtube channels, I've found so much shit people have recommended and tailored to other people out their from their personal sites, stuff I'd never have found through the centralized web.

And if you're a new visitor who's stumbled onto the decentralized web for the first time...Welcome home! This site was created with the web host Neocities. There are other web hosts to choose from, and if you dare...You can even permanently host at home.

A personalized web page will always be a home for you, where in social media you're just being assaulted with a constant barrage of news and weighted algorithms...You can completely customize your own website and fill it with all of the things you know and love, and to share it with others.

If social media stresses you out, it's also a great place to take a break while still participating online.
If you're new to html and css, don't be afraid to send an email my way to ask for help. You can find my contact information on my about page.
I also have a small network of other personal pages on my links page, where you could find other people with websites like this.

I ALWAYS recommend looking into a websites source code, which you can do with the key commands Ctrl+U.
When you see something you like and want to know how it works, study the source code to figure it out. It's a great learning tool to figure out how to do things on your own, and even put your own spin on it.

P.S.! I'm working on a fun little gadget. If you have the RPG maker vx ace engine, you can edit the files to personalize it for yourself. I have a crap memory, so it's a little program that opens links and reminds me to do daily activities. I also plan on incorporating an explorable virtual neo neighborhood to link to my neocities mutuals in it. You can check it out on my downloads page.

Before you go, leave a message on my guestbook.

Thank you for 50k+ visitors!
Don't forget to bookmark (ctrl+d) if you like my page!

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