Furcadia is a game I grew up playing, I made lots of friends here I no longer see.
It's sad to see how vacant it's become in my absence.
I had to stop playing it for several years because I got my current PC, which the client was incompatible with in some form, to the point where launching the game crashed my entire PC.
I recently tried reinstalling it to see if it would run again, which it does, so I've rejoined.

Canon Character Stories

My Patches

You can find me on furcadia under these characters:


Vadas is a black-furred feline with black eyes, silver stripes, Mid-length black hair he keeps tied in a hairtie, a spiked leather jacket, patched jeans, and a green oversized t-shirt. He usually goes barefoot because he considers shoes an inconvenience. He uses the genderless avatar but goes by he/him pronouns. He's my favorite character so far!

Vadas' Online Status:


This is my default character that uses my default username. ...it's just me.

Seraphxo's Online Status:

My Scripts

Dream Links

If you have the furcadia client installed, you can click these images to visit the dream they're of. Hover over them with your mouse for the title of the dream.