My jaw hurts really bad, and I don't feel too great. I keep coughing and my head hurts.
And its COLD.
My heater caught on fire yesterday, so I had to switch it out with one of my moms old ones, and it keeps turning off by itself.
At least I'm getting lots of cuddles from my bird, she's being very sweet.

I haven't gotten much sleep because I keep staying up playing runescape loll...And my heater shutting off and my room being cold kept waking me up too.
Also, I found my pen tablet, so I've been resuming drawing stuff and working on my game as usual!



Good morning choombas!
I just got up a little bit ago which is bad I know lol...Because it's already noon.
I'm kind of mad at Disney...And anyway there's never a better time to boycott them than yesterday! LOL.
So, I'm removing all of their content from my reviews page. Buhbye.
I've never been a fan of streaming services at all, so I was iffy about putting them up on my reviews page, but some of these movies there's no other way to watch these...
I think that movies should still be accessible by physical media...

Oh, also my tablet pens gone missing...I can't really draw or anything until I find it...So blugh...I've looked all over my desk and even cleaned a bunch of my room earlier today, and it still hasn't turned up. I bet it's somewhere really stupid.



Good morning everyone!
My HDD cable came today! So, I opened up those old hard drives to check out what was on them.
I'm both disappointed...and happy at what I found!
There was surprisingly not a lot, but I did find some old myspace goodies back from 2007-2009, and some old games, and even an old copy of photoshop!
After I recovered the files, I reformatted the drives for further storage use, and put them back into storage.
Super cool day so far!

I can't wait to grow my collection hehe.

Oh LOL, I also got busted for downloading an episode of wandavision...
I can't afford disney+ right now but I wanted to see if it was any good so I downloaded the first episode.......
My ISP yelled at me :p and I had to basically be like sorry,,,, won't do it again!
Which isn't really a lie, I'm not much of a pirater these days tbh.
I'm more of an archiver of what I already have.
I don't think there's really anything illegal about that...
Anyway, I had an eventful day so far I think... :p

WE'RE LOOKING INTO STARTING A CATTLE HERD!!! AAAH I'M SO EXCITED. my dad was discussing it this morning!
We want to buy and raise two calves and start a herd!!

Wow something happened kind of crazy in town tonight.
A dude who apparently lives down the block from me went missing...
They found his car abandoned in the road by the woods.
Nobody had seen him for 12 hours, so a search team went out to look for him.
They sent dogs to try to sniff him out, drones with camera footage, and my dad went out there with the people to help look.
They didn't end up finding him today, but they found his cellphone lying in the woods.
My dad's back home now, but they sent out a helicopter that has infrared or something, to see if they could try to find him that way.
I hope he's ok...I wonder what happened.

Oh...also I rejoined that server for a little bit, because that hard drive cable came today, and I at least thought they'd be interested in what was on them, but when I posted the old myspace gifs and stuff they completely ignored me, so I ended up just leaving again.
I thought they'd think those were so cool! They did for like, maybe a second, but then it seemed like they got bored and started ignoring me.
Oh well. I'll just have fun data hoarding by myself, I guess.

I couldn't really relate to them at all anyway. They grew up like wearing fashion, buying expensive clothes and things, dyeing their hair, "splurging" hundreds of dollars on things like guitar distortion pedals just for fun, when I grew up with hand-me-downs.
One of them was heckling me because I didn't have the money to buy and play minecraft with all of them. "Just come up with the money!!" and crap.
Some of them defended me but it still made me feel like crap.

We didn't grow up the same way and I don't have anything to talk about or relate to with them.
They always talk about how the internet was before as kids, when I couldn't use it til I was like 13.
And then whenever I said anything it was either completely ignored or completely forgotten about and they changed the topic to something I knew nothing about.
I was completely alienated again.

It makes me want to cry.



Hey choombas, sorry for being MIA lol. I don't think I need to give an excuse, because well for one, I kinda don't need one, and two, "I felt like crap!" is getting kind of old LOL.
So.....To review the past couple days...I was sick, blah blah, yesterday I mostly played video games because well, I felt like crap!
But today, I was more productive. Worked on some things, added a couple things to my game, exercised, yaddah yaddah yaddah!

Ahh, I don't have much else to say today except...You should play Pokemmo! Lol.
Oh also, I think I'm going to be less active in this discord server...For some reason I get the impression that they're starting to get tired of me in there already.
People kind of stopped responding to me for the most part. It's crazy how fast people can get tired of you.
I feel like I don't belong anywhere, hehehe.

Also FUCK, my bird knocked a cup of water off of my desk earlier today and it landed on top of my ps4, spilled some water onto the back of it.
I hope those cases are GOOD because it would break my heart if something happened to my first and only gaming console.



Hey everybody!!
I finally got around to compressing and uploading what I have so far of my game...It's not much, but you can look at it now yourself.
I will be adding things every day, and compress and update it on on the first of every month, so there's something new every month.
If you'd like to know what I'm adding every day, there's a devlog on there too.
You can find it on my downloads page.

Anyway, that's the only really productive thing I've done today...I'm sick so I've been in bed most the day blugh.
I think my niece gave me her flu when she was here the other day.



Hey! I didn't post yesterday because my sister and her nieces came over for their birthday lol.
And now I already kind of forget mostly what happened yesterday...Except I think I've found the perfect stock to buy right now, but I can't get it yet because I haven't set up my bank account yet lol...
I tried to see if I could add funds without an account to link, but it turns out you can't...Oh well.
I'll have to wait til the end of next month when I have enough money to open my own account.

I was talking with the people in this yesterweb discord chat, (I've linked it at the top in the affiliates tab!)
And we were talking about why this, online presence of people has gotten so HOSTILE.
We compared it with the cruel attitude of players in PVP mmos and multiplayer games, and came to the conclusion that the problem is probably just competition in general.

Here on our personal websites, there is no sense of competition really, we are just here to express ourselves.
But on centralized social media, there are likes, followers, etc. as a reward, and people are constantly at eachothers throats under some sort of delusion of becoming famous off of it.
It's just...WEIRD, and resulted in people putting down and stepping on others emotionally, posting the most attention-getting drama, to get the most clicks.
It's just, a repeating pattern of hostile competition seen over and over again in different outlets, and these centralized media sites have provided a system that endorses it.

Anyways, good morning! Lol.
Maybe I'll write here more later. But I've got stuff to do.

OHHHH I FORGOT TO SAY. I made a page for my game!
I'm not putting a download button on the downloads page until I upload it, but the page for it has been set up already. Go ahead and follow it if you want!



Heyo......hmmm...seems I don't got much to talk about today :p Nothing eventful really happened...But I am polishing up some of the first scene in my game.
I also tried to make some music for it, but my hearings not too great since I have tinnitus. I might end up commissioning my friend from highschool if she's ever available and I have the money, so she can put some of her own music into it and all, but for now...those are the placeholders yaddah yaddah...

Jeez, what have I even been doing today, if I can't remember what I've been doing...
I woke up super early again today so I'm tired ughhhghgghhghg
I already worked a bit on my game, did my chores, and worked on that drawing for my mom a bit...So maybe I should chill the rest of the day. I think I'm stressed



Good morning, choombas.
Or...afternoon...I slept in late hahaha. I think I needed the sleep, because I didn't sleep so good the other night...
The chickens had their second day outside, without the snow! They seem so happy.
I wasn't isolating them in their coop on purpose...They just refuse to come out when there's snow on the ground.
And I mean, fair to them. I bet it made their scaly little feets cold.

This warmer weather, it's teasing the scent of the garden on the tip of my tongue.
It make's me so excited to get started, but it's only February, and I know full well these cold fronts these years last well into April.
But, it might be about time to get started on garden starters...Probably at the beginning of March, I'd think.
I remember one year I started them in February, and it was much too early.

I did a few of my morning chores already, so I think I'm going to play a little bit of Osu.
It's nice not having to worry about firewood these past few days.

Here, I've created a torrent of some of the replays of songs I did in Osu today! If you want to add them to your local leaderboards and compete against me, download them and open them with Osu. You have to have a torrenting program to leech them from me.



First of March is coming up fast... You gotta remind me to add the game download. You gotta remind me. I'm going to forget. I know you can't but...You gotta.
Also LOL, I got into an "argument" on twitter this morning, I mean, I'm sure they thought it was an argument. I was just having fun.
But, there was someone mocking people for being "offended," saying that "how did people who grew up watching South Park become offended by everything" and whatever.
And I was like, well, we grew the fuck up past toilet humour and crap loll, it's not being "offended" it's recognizing as an adult that racist jokes and shit, like the ones in that series, harm people.
And then somehow it lead to people trying to convince me actually how "deep" South Park is, and how it's one of the "deepest series on tv" LOL. Yeah. South Park, the deepest series on TV. You know, the one where they cloned monkeys with two butts, had a singing piece of shit deliver christmas presents, and had an episode about a cat orgy.
That's the one!
Like I watched the series for years since I was a kid too...I don't get why people are out there defending it like that, it's embarassing.
It's a stupid show with toilet humour gags, that's all it is.
There's not deeper "meaning," just a couple of asshole libs making fun of anyone they don't like.
Get a grip.
Anyway after that, I had some ramen for breakfast that I cooked on the stove, and I cooked an egg into it. It was really good! Although I think I waited too long to put the egg in.
It's a really interesting way to cook an egg, to boil it I mean, I want to do it again some time to make egg drop soup.
Anyways I'm kind of out of it today, I had a hard time sleeping last night so I just went ahead and got up early, with the plan of taking a nap later that I never really took...
I recovered some old hard drives from some old laptops, and I'm getting an adapter to try to repurpose them for external storage.
That girl I knew in highschool told me about a hobby called datahoarding, which I kind of already sort of do a bit of, so I thought it would be funny to use some hard drives to save all sorts of cool stuff I find on them, to rediscover later! Or for maybe, someone else to rediscover and have fun with.

Anyway, don't you think it's funny that the people who go that "blARHHGH HRGGHHH EVERYBODY IS OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING THESE DAYS" their pages are always covered in shitty memes, porn, hating women, and a whole lot of idk, getting offended by literally everything lmaoo
projecting much

update: YOOOOO I just checked out sadgrls site and she updated hers, it looks super cool!
I'm so jealous of all the looks of these peoples sites, but at the same time I'm super fond of the mayhem that's my own...I don't think I could bring myself to change it.