Seraph Sanctum
video game icon of a person with short curly hair


discord: demonologi#1052


I don't really consider myself an artist as I'm not very good at general art. I'm better at graphics and sprites and stuff like that. However I do take commissions
You can message me on discord on the left if you're interested, or message me on my tumblr.
Since I don't have a bank account, I only take payment in the form of gift cards or wishlist purchases. I can't go any lower in prices, sorry. The lowest I can do is $5 because 1: what would I do with less than five dollars? it's barely enough for a cheap fast food meal. and 2: there's no way for you to pay me that little in the first place.

Sketch: $5
Head portrait: $10
Halfbody: $15
Fullbody: $20